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Homework Test page 5th grade
 Grade Five Homework Page 
Mrs. Usher Teacher
School Year 2008-2009

Math: Complete page 12 of your workbook; Complete page 5 # 2-9 of your textboo (to be done in your notebook)
Social Studies: Complete the Worksheet Practice for the State Test
Science: Complete # 1-10 of page 18 in your textbook
Bible: Study your Memory Text for a test tomorrow, September 5
Reading: Complete pages 1-6 of your workbook
Language: Complete # 11-20 on page 5 of yout textbook; Do # 11-20 on page 7 also.
NB: Your homework is due on Monday September 8, 2008; Parents Orientation is at 6:30 p.m. on Monday.